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Teacher as Architect


Julia Smith,

Buck, Smith & McAvoy Architects
Boston, MA

"I actually like the business of trying to fit a program together into a building — that kind of moment when you're trying to meet the abstract requirements into the physical requirements. . . Occasionally, during construction, an opportunity presents itself for doing something in a better way than what you had originally planned. So that's always one of the good aspects of construction. And if you're around and on the site, the tradesmen talk to you. And sometimes they'll say, 'Well, what if we do this?' And it turns out to be a better idea than the original, and it doesn't cost any more, so we then usually go ahead with it."

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"I see the relationship between educators and architects because we're builders also. We're building cognitive skills. We're building knowledge. We start with the foundation and work our way up."

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