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Teacher as Archaeologist


Holly Herbster,
Project Archaeologist

The Public Archaeology Laboratory Inc.
Pawtucket, RI

"We're helping in a little way to document human history. That's kind of a grandiose way to put it, but I guess that even identifying a little campsite where someone stopped for 15 minutes to work on a stone tool before traveling onto another spot — that to me, is important … When I find something that is potentially important, or something that seems to be an exciting find, or that just needs more investigation, we slow the pace down a bit. We open up a larger area. We do more careful excavation. A lot of detail. A lot of mapping, measuring, photographing — that kind of thing — which is all very necessary because as we excavate away, we take the site with us."

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"I think I see myself as a leader of a group of archaeologists who gets the tools and starts discovering knowledge."

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