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Registration for the Great Bean Bag Adventure

Each participant who is interested in setting up an experiment online should go to Participant Sign In. Upon completing the form, you will receive your own Participant Login and Password. Each time you are prompted for a password, you should use the Participant Login and Password.

If you need assistance or information registering for the workshop or for the experiment, please contact the Channel at channel@learner.org or 1-800-LEARNER.


Experiments at Your Site; Experiments Online

The Great Bean Bag Adventure is designed to be used in conjunction with the experiments that you conduct at your site, school, or home. Look at Bean Bag Help for information about how you might set up your experiments.

We encourage you to create an experiment profile online for each of your experiments. Here you will describe your experimental design, keep track of your methods and predictions, and share your observations and thoughts throughout the course of the experiments. You will also be able to input and graph the data that you have collected. By keeping your profile and data up-to-date, you can share the progress of your experiment, and exchange results with other participants.

Those who are not registered for the workshop series, may contribute to the discussions and look at all of the experiments online.

Be sure to look at our experiments . We've taken photos of our bean experiments to share our experiences.

What is an Experiment Profile?

An experiment profile is your place to share all the details about the experiments that you conduct at your home, school, or site. By keeping your profile up-to-date, other participants will be able to watch the progress of your experiment.

You can write as much or as little as you like. And you'll have continued access to your profiles so you can make changes and additions as necessary. Look at our experiments.

How do I enter data for my experiment?

To enter data for your experiment, you should go to Your Experiment Data. You can enter and edit your data there.

How to Participate

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