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From: dbible (dbible@comcast.net)
Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 22:04:34 EST

Like the Learner Teachers, think through how one finds time to teach lesson
like these- lesson that may be deeper and more complex than those you
previously have been expected to teach. What can you give up?

You let your audience's understanding guide you until two months before the
WASL. Assess for deep understanding. Then, for all students that take the
WASL, have a very directed methodology, after they are given a "WASL-like"
tool to assess what skills to improve.

4. How can you cover multiple concepts in the same lesson? Does it seem to
you€as it did to the Learner Teachers€ that this kind of teaching actually
could save you time? Why or Why not?

Because of the deeper understanding of the concepts, by default, the student
has attached to their framework of understanding these concepts. A teacher
has an opportunity to direct students to these concepts when they are a part
of new learnings. This is where the time is saved. If my students deeply
understand the concept of ratio, I can guide them much faster into the
concepts and computations skills for: signed fractions, complex fractions,
signed percentages, signed decimals, etc.

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