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From: Jan Robinson (jrobinso@d21.k12.il.us)
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 10:29:01 EDT

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    Hello to all,

    I wanted to write to all of you and let you know I am available for
    questions. I hope you are not only enjoying the workshops, but are
    learning new instructional strategies and mathematics. This year has been
    a busy one for me so far, but I am enjoying getting into classrooms and
    working with middle school students and teachers. As I use these lessons,
    I am always finding ways to improve or adapt them. I welcome any comments
    from you as you try the lessons for yourself. What worked? What didn't?
    How did you have to adapt them for your students? Did you struggle with
    the structure of your classroom? Did you or your students struggle with
    the content? If you get a chance please post your comments to the group.
    We only get better as we learn from one another. I look forward to hearing
    from you all.

    Jan Robinson
    Jan Robinson
    School District 21
    999 W. Dundee Rd.
    Wheeling, IL 60090
    (847) 520-2743
    Fax: (847) 520-2710

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