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The Missing Link



From: Shannon C'de Baca (scdebaca@council-bluffs.k12.ia.us)
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 09:19:49 EDT

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    I hope you are enjoying the activities from the Missing Link. I just
    used the one from the last program and had some stellar results. I have
    kids in science classes who have had a wide range of successful and
    unsuccessful experiences in mathematics. Has anyone modified any of the
    activities or come up with any new ones that meet the needs of sharp
    kids who simply missed out on one of these concepts (scale factors is
    the concept I worked with so far).
    We used the scale up and down materials and moved from the 2 dimensional
    realm to volumes and proportions in solutions. It worked well. If anyone
    out there has a need for some science links to these math concepts let
    me know. I would be happy to share the lessons or the links.

    If you have time post some comments to this listserve. Jan and I are up
    and running and anxious to hear from you.

    Shannon Cde Baca

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