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About the Workshop


Workshop 1 – Proportionality and Similar Figures: Discovery
The teachers discover what makes similar figures similar and how a scale factor affects side lengths, angles, perimeters, and areas when figures are enlarged or reduced.

Workshop 2 – Proportionality and Similar Figures: In Practice
In this follow-up to Workshop 1, the teachers discuss how their students approached the Proportionality and Similar Figures' lessons. They learn how to sort student work into two categories: meeting standards and not meeting standards. And they create new lessons.

Workshop 3 – Patterns and Functions: Discovery
The teachers use real-life problems to display experimental data in graphs and tables, and analyze the resulting patterns to make predictions, and develop algebraic equations.

Workshop 4 – Patterns and Functions: In Practice
In this follow-up to Workshop 3, the teachers discuss the experience of teaching the Patterns and Functions lessons in their classrooms. They create lesson-specific scoring guides to evaluate student work, using a scale of 1 to 4. Then, small groups develop high-quality, engaging performance tasks that will deepen students' understanding of the big ideas of Patterns and Functions.

Workshop 5 – Polygons and Angles: Discovery
The teachers tackle hands-on activities to investigate angle measurements and their relationships in triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, and other polygons.

Workshop 6 – Polygons and Angles: In Practice
In this follow-up to Workshop 5, the teachers discuss how they taught the Polygons and Angles lessons in their classrooms. They learn to choose the right scoring guide for evaluating different projects. Finally, small groups of teachers identify key math concepts and create a scoring guide in order to develop culminating projects.

Workshop 7 – Sampling and Probability: Discovery
The teachers collect data and determine the probability of an event, use probability to make predictions, and learn how to conduct random sampling.

Workshop 8 – Sampling and Probability: In Practice
In this follow-up to Workshop 7, the teachers discuss how their students handled the lessons on Sampling and Probability. They explore the difficult gray area between student work that rates a "3" (meeting standards) or a "2" (not meeting standards). They learn how to develop "on-ramp" lessons for students who haven't yet demonstrated mastery of core math concepts.

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