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The Missing Link



About the Workshop


Learner Teachers
Lesson Credits

A-Plus Communications, Print Guide and Web Developer
In addition to providing overall management of The Missing Link workshops, A-Plus Communications developed and designed the print and Web materials. Founded in 1995, A-Plus helps educators and education reformers communicate more effectively with their many different publics. The company provides a range of services including strategic communications planning, communications training and materials development. Adam Kernan-Schloss was the project director, with assistance from Kathy Ames, Gisela Cintron, Susan Gillespie and Mark Swift from KSA Group, which merged with A-Plus in July 2000 to form KSA-Plus Communications.

Lavine Production Group, Video Production
The Missing Link workshop series was produced by Lavine Production Group. Based in New York City, LPG specializes in education and arts programming. Recent productions for Annenberg Media include New American Schools: Getting Better by Design, which profiles designs for whole-school improvement; The Synergy Project, a set of video modules for policymakers to help them improve education systems; and Implementing a Thinking Curriculum, about the process of developing a mathematics curriculum. Kaye Lavine was producer/director of The Missing Link, and Miriam Lewin was producer.

On-Screen Workshop Leaders
Jan Robinson, Master Teacher
Jan is a mathematics instructional specialist in Wheeling, Illinois, which is a member of the First in the World Consortium, a group of school districts that have been using findings from the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) to strengthen their curriculum and instruction. Jan has taught middle school math for more than 20 years. She is a Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching and is active in multiple local, state and national professional development groups, such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Middle School Association.

Shannon C'de Baca, Workshop Guide
Shannon is a classroom teacher in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and serves as a consultant for the National Center for Education and the Economy, Council of Chief State School Officers, and PBS stations. She has received teaching awards from the Milken Family Foundation, the National Science Teachers Association, the National Education Association and the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Council for Basic Education
The Council for Basic Education (CBE), specifically Linda Plattner (Associate Director of Standards), provided invaluable early support in the development of the framework and curriculum for this series. Since 1956, CBE has been a national leader in the movement toward rigorous academic standards for all students.

Harold Asturias, director of mathematics assessment, New Standards
Pam Beck, curriculum and assessment developer, New Standards
Barbara Byrd-Bennett, chief executive officer, Cleveland Municipal School District
Jane Henderson, program officer, the Stuart Foundation, San Francisco
Glenda Lappan, president, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Hayes Mizell, program officer, Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
Joan Richardson, communications director, National Staff Development Council.

Learner Teachers
The Learner Teachers came from several states in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Northeast. All the participants are listed in the Credits section, page 170.

School District 21, Wheeling, Ill.
Community Consolidated School District #21, where we filmed the middle school classroom scenes for the Discovery workshops, is located about 30 miles northwest of Chicago. It serves a diverse group of about 7,500 students in grades K­8, nine elementary schools and three middle schools, including the two featured in The Missing Link: Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School and Jack London Middle School. The middle schools average over 800 students in grades 6 through 8. The district's enrollment is 72 percent white, 3 percent black, 18 percent Hispanic and 7 percent Asian/Pacific Islander. About 17 percent of the families are classified as low income, with 15 percent of the population identified as Limited English Proficient students, representing at least 25 languages.

Videotaping the Workshops
The four Discovery workshops were videotaped in January 2000 at the studios of Arlington Educational Television in Arlington, VA, a suburb of Washington, D.C. The four In Practice workshops were filmed in April 2000 at the Washington, D.C., studios of Reuters, an international news service.

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We extend sincere thanks to the Learner Teachers who took part in The Missing Link:


Anne Arundel County, Maryland
    Georgene Stephens
    Han Yi

Arlington, Virginia
    Jay Missal
Beachwood, Ohio
    Amy Hazelton
    Michelle Keys
Brook Park, Ohio
    Kathy Mog
Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Erin Rosenberg
Cincinnati, Ohio
    Gary Combs
    David Gray
    Shirley Jackson
    Suzanne Voos
Euclid, Ohio

    Florence Masella

Falls Church, Virginia
    Melissa Kavanaugh

    Sallie Mohr

Frederick County, Maryland
    Laura Gray
    Melanie Meadows Stuart

Mentor, Ohio
    John Kaminski
    Jodi Morris

Montgomery County, Maryland
    Marcia Rosenblum

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Arlene Brown
    Romeo Cochrane
    Ervin Goldberger
    Janet Middleton
    Ethel Taylor

Prince George's County, Maryland
    Millie Brown
    Andrea Wells
    Karla Wells

Rochester, New York
    Laura Aldridge
    Luanna Andrews
    Joann Bell
    Nicolle Crocker
    Margaret Crowley
    Patrick Fink
    Josh Mack
    Kimberley Malta
    Jean Malvaso-Zingaro
    John Nicholson

    Tracey O'Brien
    Colleen O'Mara
    Makeisha Phillips
    John Rowe
    Corinthia Sims
    Charles Smith
    Chuck Smith
    Takisha Times-Cromartie
    Diane Wells

Washington, D.C.
    Samuel Kamara

We also wish to acknowledge the assistance of KSA Group in design, layout, copyediting and production, specifically Kathy Ames, Gisela Cintron, Susan Gillespie and Mark Swift.
Teachers for Arlington (Virginia) Public Schools and Seattle Public Schools provided very useful advice on the rough cuts of the early workshops.

Oliver Wendell Holmes and Jack London Middle Schools in School District #21 in Wheeling, Illinois, graciously allowed us to film in their classrooms.

Lesson Credits
We gratefully acknowledge permission to use materials from the following companies in The Missing Link workshops:

Proportionality & Similar Figures
Math materials for both lessons with permission of Connected Mathematics Project (Prentice Hall).

Patterns & Functions
Charity Walkathons and Buying T-Shirts with permission of Connected Mathematics Project (Prentice Hall).

Polygons & Angles
Angles and Hinged Mirrors lesson with permission of Cuisenaire Company of America. Excerpted from A Collection of Math Lessons, Grades 6­8, Marilyn Burns and Cathy Humphreys, 1990.

Sampling & Probability
Predicting M&Ms and Choosing a Sampling Size with permission of Connected Mathematics Project (Prentice Hall).

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