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Write in the Middle
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Write in the Middle
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Workshop 4: Teaching Persuasive Writing

Jack Wilde's Reflections

Jack Wilde  

Introducing students to non-narrative writing

"The reason that I want my kids to do the persuasive writing is because I want them to have an experience writing non-narratively in fifth grade."

Listen to Jack (mp3) - Read transcript

Description of the persuasive unit

"The way I start that, the persuasive writing piece, is that they write about ... how they've gotten their parents to go from saying no to something, like having a sleep-over or getting to buy something, to saying yes."

Listen to Jack (mp3) - Read transcript

Reasons for rank-ordering arguments

"The reason that I have my kids rank-order their arguments for and against is twofold."

Listen to Jack (mp3) - Read transcript



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