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Write in the Middle
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Write in the Middle
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Workshop 4: Teaching Persuasive Writing

Jenny Beasley's Reflections

Jenny Beasley  

Writing for authentic purposes

"The emphasis on writing in the state of Kentucky is, in my opinion, pretty unique..."

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Moving from personal writing to community exploration

"We started out small with writing personal pieces and thinking pretty much about ourselves, and we've grown from there."

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Description of the editorial unit

"We started out just brainstorming together some things that you could write about after we talked about what an editorial is. "

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The importance of prewriting

"Prewriting activities could be, in my opinion, the most important step, because if they pick something that they are not passionate about, no matter what they're writing, they won't do a good job, they can't."

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Using models

"I'm very fortunate where I teach that we have an hour and a half block for reading and writing."

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Using textbooks to teach grammar

"With the editorials, for example, we're about to talk about how to use quotation marks correctly."

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Planning instruction

"Middle school students can't sit still very long and listen to a teacher."

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