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Write in the Middle
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Write in the Middle
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KET - The Kentucky NetworkProduction Credits

KET Production team & teachers from Write in the Middle
Some of the KET production crew and the teachers featured in Write in the Middle gathered in Lexington, Kentucky, to record interviews for the eight-part workshop. Featured left to right (front row) Suzanne Prichard, associate producer; Mary Duncan, writer/content editor; Sharon Bennett, instructional design/content development; Lynda Thomas, managing producer/project director; Kathy Quinn, executive producer; (second row) Darlene Carl, production assistant; Jenny Beasley, teacher; Mary Cathryn Ricker, teacher; Vivian Johnson, teacher; Velvet McReynolds, teacher; Jack Wilde, teacher; Allen Teng, teacher; Laurie Swistak, teacher; Don Dean, lighting director; Gloria Hamilton, teacher; (back row) Frank Simkonis, videographer; Brent Abshear, audio; Marianne Mosley, content editor/writer; Matthew Grimm, videographer.

Annenberg Media Project Manager

Deborah Batiste

Executive Producer
Kathy Quinn

Instructional Design/Content Development
Sharon Bennett

Managing Producer/Project Director
Lynda Thomas

Paul Petrey

Otis Ballard

Writers and Content Editors
Mary Duncan, Ph.D.
Marianne Mosley

Field Producers/Directors
Sharon Bennett
Michael Brower
Paul Petrey

Field Content Producer
Charles Whitaker, Ph.D.

Associate Producer
Suzanne Prichard

Production Assistant
Darlene Carl

Web Site Producers
Mary Duncan, Ph.D.
Marianne Mosley

Web Site Designer
David Hamon

Web Site Consultants
Chuck Duncan
Terry Stevens

Web Site Contributing Writer
Charles Whitaker, Ph.D.

Beau Janzen

Kinny Landrum

Tish O'Rea

Financial Officers
Linda Hume
Susan Kanis

John Breslin
Michael Follmer
Matthew Grimm
Frank Simkonis
Brandon Wickey

Brent Abshear
Doug Collins
David Dampier
Matthew Grimm
Gary Mosley
John Schroering

Off-line Editors
W. Jay Akers
Treg Ward

Don Dean

Studio Make-up
Janet Whitaker
April Prager

Shipping Expeditors
Don Hall
Kris McClanahan

Content Advisory Panel
Bobbi Ceriza Houtchens, Lead Advisor
Barbara Flores, Ph.D.
Dewey Hensley
Linda Rief
Tom Romano, Ph.D.
Frank X Walker

Jenny Beasley
Damond Moodie
Gloria Hamilton
Vivian Johnson
Velvet McReynolds
Mary Cathryn Ricker
Laurie Swistak
Allen Teng
Jack Wilde

M. Elizabeth Spaulding, Ph.D.

Closed Captioning

Post Production
Pillar to Post

Special Thanks
Cleveland Middle School, St. Paul, MN
Cranston-Calvert Elementary School, Newport, RI
Crozier Middle School, Inglewood, CA
T.A. Dugger Junior High School, Elizabethton, TN
KQED-TV Productions
Meece Middle School, Somerset, KY
Bernice A. Ray School, Hanover, NH
Rogers Middle School, Lawndale, CA
Roosevelt Middle School, Oakland, CA
Arthur Rouse, Video Editing Services 1
Simmons Middle School, Hoover, AL
Sue Swaim, National Middle School Association


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