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Mathematics: What's the Big Idea?

Teaching Suggestions from Participants

Throughout the broadcasts of the series, we received great suggestions from sites for extending and building upon ideas presented during each workshop. Let us know if you have any others you'd like to share.

  • From Medfield, MA - Site Leader, Roseanne Gross at Blake Middle School
    Workshop #1

    "One of our teachers came up with this way of displaying her students' own rules and shared it with our group. Kay Touhey develped this form. And we liked it and are now making more. Maybe other can use this idea. We are enjoying the program."

    Sample form

  • From Bedford, NH - Carol Bruce at McKelvie School
    Workshop #2

    "This is an example of data collection in grade 1. Adapted from an activity in this great book, Posing Open-Ended Questions in the Primary Classroom by Christina Myren; Teaching Resource Center."

    The activity: Make this cube. Toss 25 (or 50) times. Keep track of tosses, and report.

    Sample data

Mathematics: What's the Big Idea?


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