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Mathematics: What's the Big Idea?

Workshop Components

Guest Teachers

Several teachers from schools in the Boston area will be present in the studio for each workshop. These teachers will engage in group discussions throughout the workshop just as you will discuss ideas with participants at your own site.

Activities and Discussion

Throughout each workshop, the content guide will present activities and questions for you to do and discuss with the other participants at your site. We recommend that you bring some paper and a pen or pencil to each workshop so you can jot down your thoughts and ideas.

Pre-Workshop Assignments

At the end of each workshop, the content guide will present an assignment for you to do in preparation for the next week's workshop. Instructions for these assignments are listed in the print material for each workshop.


At the end of each workshop, the host will present a math puzzler,just for fun! These puzzlers are not assignments, but rather fun challenges. We enjoyed solving them and wanted to share them with you. The solution to each puzzler will be discussed in the following workshop.

Post-Workshop Questions

In addition to the questions that will be posed during each workshop, we will provide you with several questions to think about after each workshop. You might discuss these questions with other participants at your site, ponder them on your own, or answer them in your journal.

Suggested Classroom Activities

The print material for some workshop includes a list of related activities for you to do with your students. We have tried to provide a variety of activities - some may be more age-appropriate for your students than others.

Mathematics: What's the Big Idea?


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