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Looking at Learning ... Again, Part 2


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Workshop Synopses

Workshop 1 — Philip Sadler, Ed.D., Behind the Design
Examine prototypical engineering designs and see how students modify these and learn physical science principles as they do so.

Workshop 2 — Dr. Marta Civil, Mathematics: A Community Focus
Find out more about the "funds of knowledge" that children's homes provide, and reflect on ways to connect children's home and school mathematics experiences.

Workshop 3 — Dr. Carne Barnett, Learning to Share Perspectives
Learn ways case discussion formats help teacher professional development groups understand children's mathematical thinking. See teacher groups at work as well as children's classroom use of mathematics cases.

Workshop 4 — Dr. Peter Hewson, Conceptual Change
Discuss how students can be assisted in exchanging less powerful scientific conceptions for generally accepted science ideas.

Workshop 5 — Dr. Robert Swartz, Critical and Creative Thinking
Consider how critical and creative thinking can be infused throughout the curriculum to assist students to better understand science concepts.

Workshop 6 — Professor James Kaput, Algebra and Calculus: The Challenge
Find ways to embed algebra and calculus concepts into the curriculum much earlier in children's school experience.

Workshop 7 — Professor Herbert P. Ginsburg, Children's Ways of Knowing
Explore the mathematics that children invent before they come to school, and reflect on what this understanding could mean for mathematics curricula... even in high school.

Workshop 8 — Dr. Wynne Harlen, Learning to Listen
Study students' learning-in-progress and discuss ways to assess the development of their science content and process skills. Learn to provide students with the feedback needed to help them refine their ideas, and develop and test their science questions.

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