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Looking at Learning ... Again, Part 2


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Only some of the readings are available online due to copyright issues. However, we have listed the sources of all the publications should you want to locate them. Links to PDF files are listed for those available for download.

  • Carne Barnett — Barnett, C., & Ramirez, A. "Fostering critical analysis and reflection through mathematics case discussions." (1996) In J. Colbert, K. Trimble, & P. Desberg (Eds.), The Case for Education: Contemporary Approaches for Using Case Methods (pp.1-13). Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon

  • Marta Civil — Civil, M. Bridging In-School Mathematics and Out-of-School Mathematics: A Reflection (PDF). April 1998, AERA Annual Meetings, San Diego, CA

  • Wynne Harlen — "Assessment in the Inquiry Classroom." Chapter 11 in Foundations 2: Inquiry. Washington, DC: National Science Foundation, 1999.

  • Wynne Harlen — Harlen, W. "Handling Children's Questions" (PDF). Chapter 15 in The Teaching of Science in Primary Schools, (Second Edition) London: David Fulton Publishers, 1996.

  • Peter Hewson — Hewson, P. W. Conceptual Change in Science Teaching and Teacher Education (PDF). June 1992, National Center for Educational Research, Documentation, and Assessment, Madrid, Spain.

  • Herbert Ginsburg — "Doing Mathematics: Observations of Everyday Activities," Chapter 9 in Mathematics in the Early Years, Ed. Juanita V. Copley Houston, Texas: University of Houston, 1999. 87-99.

  • James Kaput — Kaput, J. (in press). "Transforming algebra from an engine of inequity to an engine of mathematical power by "algebrafying" the K-12 curriculum." To appear in S. Fennel (Ed.) A Framework for integrating algebra across K-12 mathematics. Reston, VA: NCTM, 1998.

  • Philip M. Sadler — Sadler, P. "Project DESIGN: Goals that Cross All Modules" (PDF). Project DESIGNS (pp. 3-6). The President and Fellows of Harvard College. Project DESIGNS, 1996, NSF grant ESI-9452767.

  • Robert Swartz — Swartz, R., Fischer, S., & Parks, S. "Critical and Creative Thinking in Science" (PDF). Infusing the Teaching of Critical and Creative Thinking into Secondary Science (pp. 29-32). Pacific Grove, CA: Critical Thinking Books and Software, 1998.


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