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Looking at Learning ... Again, Part 2


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Series Structure | Workshop Components | Helpful Hints

Series Structure

This exploration into learning theory will be carried out in a series of eight weekly workshops. Participants will be invited to reflect on their own beliefs about learning, and to discover the importance of looking at learning again and again throughout their teaching careers. Each workshop will feature a different educator the theory that guides his or her practice. In addition to interviews with the featured educator, programs will include video clips of classrooms in which the theories are being practiced, and discussions about the impact and the outcomes of such practices.

Each of the eight workshops will be two hours in length—a one-hour broadcast sandwiched between two 30-minute Site Investigations. These discussion/activity sessions will introduce and extend the featured learning theories and provide a forum for participants to discuss their application in the classroom. Weekly homework assignments will promote continued thinking between workshops and help participants document their progress throughout the series.

Workshop participants are encouraged to communicate and share ideas with teachers across the country on the LOOKING AT LEARNING . . . AGAIN, PART 2 interactive Web site. The collective information exchanged via cyberspace will enrich and extend the weekly workshops, and the opportunity to engage in discourse with a national community of teachers will greatly enhance the overall value of the series for all participants.

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Workshop Components


Site Investigation: GETTING READY
30 minutes of discussion and activity to prepare you for the workshop video

Workshop Video
60 minutes of video with guest interviews, classroom footage, teacher panels, and more

Site Investigation: GOING FURTHER
30 minutes of discussion and activity to wrap up the workshop video


Homework Assignment
an exercise or activity that ties into the previous workshop or prepares you for the next one

Reading Assignment
an introduction to the theories of the guest featured in the next workshop

Ongoing Activity
a reflective journal for keeping track of reactions to readings and videotapes, collecting and reflecting on data, and recording teaching ideas for yourself

Web site:
a place to go for additional activities, resources, and discussion

an opportunity to communicate with other workshop participants via email

To subscribe to Teacher-Talk (the workshop email discussion list) please visit:



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Helpful Hints

Successful Site Investigations
Included in the materials for each workshop you will find detailed instructions for the content of your Getting Ready and your Going Further Site Investigations. The following hints are intended to help you and your colleagues get the most out of these pre- and post-video discussions.

Designate a facilitator.
Each week, one person should be responsible for facilitating the Site Investigations (or you might select two people — one to facilitate Getting Ready, the other to facilitate Going Further). The facilitator does not need to be the Site Leader, nor does it need to be the same person(s) each week. In fact, we recommend that participants rotate the role of facilitator on a weekly basis.

Review the Site Investigations and bring the necessary materials.
Be sure to read over the Getting Ready and Going Further sections of your materials before arriving at each workshop. The Site Investigations will be the most productive if you and your colleagues come to the workshops prepared for the discussions. The weekly readings and homework assignments also provide for productive and useful workshop discussions. A few of the Site Investigations require special materials. The facilitator should be responsible for bringing these when necessary. You will need special materials for Workshop 1. As preparation for Workshop 1 read the article "About Project DESIGNS: Project DESIGNS Goals that Cross All Modules," by Philip Sadler.

Record your discussions.
We recommend that someone take notes during each Site Investigation, or even better, that you make an audiotape recording of the discussions each week. These notes and/or audiotape can serve as "make-up" materials in case anyone misses a workshop.

Share your discussions on the Internet.
The Site Investigations are merely a starting point. We encourage you to continue your discussions with participants from other sites on the discussion area of the Web site and on Teacher-Talk, the workshop email discussion list.

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