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Looking at Learning ... Again, Part 2


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Series Overview

How many times have you wished you could just erase your students' "wrong" ideas and help them relearn a topic? It's tempting to think that a teacher's job is simply to push those ideas aside and teach "right" ideas as replacements, but contemporary learning theories indicate that students are best able to rethink and exchange their ideas when they have tested them experimentally and shared their thinking with others. To assist children in this process, teachers must be armed with knowledge of how children construct their ideas and how they can help children make sense of their world. Children's prior knowledge, like our own, is powerful and often persistent, and we have much to learn about it!

This series provides elementary and secondary teachers of mathematics and science the opportunity to hear from science and mathematics educators and some of the teachers, students, and parents who work with them. Each of the eight featured educators has studied some aspect of teaching and learning and has proposed modifications of classroom practices as a result of that research. Looking at Learning Again... Part 2 encourages teachers to examine how theory and research into learning may inform their own classroom work. The series provides opportunities for teachers to discuss, critique, and apply the presented ideas with their colleagues. Finding ways to share ideas and to learn more about knowledge that is being newly generated is the core of this workshop series. In order to make teaching more effective, many different perspectives are brought together through videotapes, readings, discussions, and the Internet.


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