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Looking at Learning ... Again


Teacher Talk

We hope that LOOKING AT LEARNING . . . AGAIN has inspired interesting discussions at your site. Perhaps you and your colleagues have raised issues that you'd like to explore in greater depth. Join teachers from around the country in our online discussion to find out how others are looking at learning . . . again!

Current Topics

Teaching and Learning
Share your thoughts and questions about teaching and learning. How do you think people learn best? What do you do in your teaching to accommodate how people learn? What does your school system do?
Professional Development
Discuss any practical or personal issues related to your participation in the workshop here. How does participation in professional development workshops such as these impact your teaching? What other professional development experiences have you found useful?
Self Check
Discuss your experiences with or questions about using self check. Have you tried any of the self check techniques from the self check area, or the self check activities from the workshops? Do you have any techniques of your own to share?
Moon Observations
Share your Moon observations, discoveries, and questions here. Has keeping a Moon Journal helped you better understand the Moon's behavior, or has it made the Moon even more puzzling? Does your experience of learning about the Moon give you insight into learning in general?
General Questions and Comments
Share your other thoughts and questions here. Do you have a question or comment that doesn't fit in any of the above?


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