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About the Series

Workshop Synopses

Workshop 1—The Many Faces of Learning

Reflect on your own personal beliefs about learning and discover why it is important for teachers to examine and re-examine the learning process.

Workshop 2—Intellectual Development
with Eleanor Duckworth

Share ways to elicit, accept, and build on students' ideas, and discover the connection between student ideas and intellectual development.

Workshop 3—Conceptual Thinking
with Joseph D. Novak

Consider how students learn by assimilating new concepts into their already existing frameworks.

Workshop 4—Inquiry
with Hubert Dyasi

Explore why inquiry learning is essential in mathematics and science, and develop several strategies for inquiry-based teaching.

Workshop 5—Idea-Making
with Constance Kamii

Investigate how facilitating the construction of students' own mathematical ideas has a positive effect on learning.

Workshop 6—The Mind's Intelligences
with Howard Gardner

Review Gardner's "Theory of Multiple Intelligences" and learn how to create learning environments that support the full spectrum of students' intelligences and abilities.

Workshop 7—Design, Construction, and Technology
with Mitchel Resnick

Examine the effects of technology on learning when students design and develop tools to support their own inquiries.

Workshop 8The International Picture
with William H. Schmidt

Analyze differences in curricula, textbooks, and teaching practices around the world, and discuss how these differences affect student learning in mathematics and science.


Looking at Learning


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