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Series Overview

Ever since the first time teachers tried to influence students, there has been controversy surrounding the methods they used. In the years since Socrates first created and honed his famous method, hundreds of educators have developed theories about learning and teaching. Among these there are many areas of convergence as well as a few instances of contention, but all have in common a focus on how children learn and how best to create situations in which learning can take place. For today's teachers the challenge becomes "What are these theories really telling us? What do we do with these seemingly complicated and overlapping arguments?" And equally compelling is how the questions surrounding these ideas are viewed by professionals against the background of their own personal beliefs about teaching and learning.

To this end, LOOKING AT LEARNING . . . AGAIN invites seven leading educators to share the origin, structure, research base, and applicability of their arguments for creating the most efficient and productive learning environments for students in our elementary and secondary mathematics and science classes.

Teachers are the backbone of the educational system. Like educational theorists, they continually develop new ideas and insights, question current practices, and strive to keep education a living and changing organism. Both teachers and theorists bring to the table a wealth of experience that has shaped their ideas on what teaching and learning should be. But all too often teachers and theorists work in isolation, and new educational theories do not always find their way into the classroom. This workshop series provides an opportunity for practitioners to explore, discuss, critique, and ultimately implement the ideas and strategies of seven leading educational theorists -- an important step toward making the teaching of mathematics and science more effective.

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