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Looking at Learning ... Again


Moon Tricks

A Moon Story by Dick Konicek
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Frankie turned seven on April 2nd. For a birthday present, he got a new bicycle -- a 16 speed bike so that he could go out on the trails with his mom, dad, and older sisters, Karen and Martha. But his best present was a room of his very own. His parents had just bought a new house in the same neighborhood, and the new house had more rooms. Frankie's new room had windows looking out on the backyard. His mom told him they faced east.

The first day in the new house was fun. All the furniture from the old house had to be put into new places. It was like putting together a puzzle. For their first meal in the new house, they sent out for pizza. Everybody was laughing and having a great time. Finally it was bedtime for Frankie. His mom and dad went upstairs with him to his room to tuck him in. Frankie had positioned his bed so he could look across his room and out his window while lying in bed. After Frankie got into his p.j.'s, crawled into bed, and said goodnights all around, his parents turned out the lights.

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