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Looking at Learning ... Again


Tune in to the Moon

Moon Journal


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The behavior of the Moon is a phenomenon that we have all experienced during the entirety of our lives, but very few of us have spent time thoughtfully observing its behavior. Think about it for a moment .... When was the last time you saw the Moon? What did it look like? If you went outside right now, would you be able to see the Moon? Where in the sky would you look to find it? What would it look like? No matter how much you already know about the Moon's behavior, there is always something new to learn!

Throughout this workshop series, you are encouraged to learn about the Moon by keeping a Moon Journal. This means simply going outside several nights a week to observe the Moon, recording your observations on a drawing, and reflecting on your observations in a journal. Your recordings or data will become a path for you to follow as you look for patterns in the Moon's behavior and build your knowledge both about the Moon, and also about your own learning process.

In Workshop 1, you and your colleagues will be asked to develop a Moon Chart to display the group's collective knowledge about the Moon. The chart will grow and change over time as you gather new knowledge through your observations of the Moon. Several times throughout the series you will have an opportunity to discuss your findings with your colleagues, but you are encouraged to update the Moon Chart weekly, even when no specific Moon discussions are planned.

Experiencing the process of learning new content is a useful way to reflect on your own personal beliefs about learning. As you progress through the Moon Journal activity, think not only about what you are learning, but how you are learning. Whether you teach first graders or high school seniors, math or science, keeping a Moon Journal will provide a shared experience that will enable you and your colleagues to examine your own learning processes, and will lend insight into your beliefs about how your students, and others, learn.

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