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Support Materials

Appendix of Readings

Only some of the readings are available online due to copyright issues. However, we have listed the sources of all the publications should you want to locate them. Links to PDF files are listed for those available for download.

Duckworth, E. "The Having of Wonderful Ideas." Piaget in the Classroom. Schwebel, M., Raph, J., (Eds.) 1973. Basic Books: New York. 258-277.

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Dyasi, H. "Assessing 'Imperfect' Conceptions." Reprinted by permission of the publisher from Jervis, K., & Montag, C. (Eds.), PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION FOR THE 1990s: TRANSFORMING PRACTICE (New York: Teachers College Press, © 1991 by Teachers College, Columbia University. All rights reserved.), pp. 101-110. (384K)

Gardner, H. "Developing the Spectrum of Human Intelligences," Harvard Educational Review, 57:2 (May 1987), pp. 187-193. Copyright (c) 1987 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. All rights reserved. (320 K)

Kamii, C. Lewis, B.A., and Jones, S. "Reform in Primary Mathematics Education: A Constructivist View." Reprinted with permission of author. (437K)

Novak, J.D. "How Do We Learn Our Lessons?" 1990. The Science Teacher, March, 1993. 551-55.

Resnick, M. "Technologies for Lifelong Kindergarten." To be published in Educational Technology Research & Development in 1999.

Schmidt, W. "Facing the Consequences: Using TIMSS for a Closer Look at United States Mathematics and Science Education." 1998. TIMSS Newsletter #8. 5-8. (472K)


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