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Teacher-TalkNovel is the email discussion list for In Search of the Novel. Participants of the workshop series, content guides, and Channel staff will participate in this discussion list throughout the initial broadcast of the workshop series.

Use this space as an area to share and pose questions about the workshop series, get to know your colleagues, as well as ask questions about technical and access issues.

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From: Krantz, Marlene A. <mkrantz@dadeschools.net>
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 09:20:26 EDT

Does anyone have any recommendations of videos, books and lessons that I can use for the Holocaust?
Marlene A. Krantz
Media Specialist
D.A. Dorsey Educational Center
7100 N.W. 17 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33147
305-693-2490 ext. 30


From: Teacher-TalkNovel-bounces@learner.org on behalf of Seay, Timothy P.
Sent: Tue 4/25/2006 10:16 AM
To: Discussion list for IN SEARCH OF THE NOVEL
Subject: RE: [Teacher-TalkNovel] SUBMITTING ASSIGNMENTS

Hi Mary...I can't believe that the workshop is coming to a close. I was reviewing the notes on the final project and just wanted to make sure that I got it right before I finish it off this week. We are to submit two "journals" (the form you sent out earlier in the class). Both journals document a single lesson that we developed and implemented in our classrooms. Both journals describe how our students' learning was impacted by the course (videos).
Did I get that right?
Also, is there a way that we (the class) could see some of the journals of our classmates? It might give us some ideas that we can use with our students. I could post them to a web page if they were forwarded to me as .doc files.

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