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From: Barbara Patch (Barbara.Patch@valley.net)
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 12:07:26 EDT

I am not presently teaching in a School setting. My children go to the
Lebanon School System in Lebanon, NH. ( I am so lucky to have all my
children at different schools as *.) Our schools are set up differently
then yours.
        *K-2 are seperated into three local area schools.
        *3-6 is in the same building but seperate from the High School
         There is another 3-6 building on the other side of town.
        *7-8 is in one building (This school also gains one more community.)
        *HS is in the same building as the 3-6 elementary school for Lebanon
         (The HS also gains more smaller communities in the surrounding area.)

The Junior High is divided into 4 teams. Three teams are a combination of
7th and 8th graders with about 90-100 on each team (four main teachers).
The fourth team is only half that number and only includes one grade (two
main teachers). Gym, Foreign Languages, Music, Tech Ed and Home Ec. are all
shared classes(with a variety of teachers).

I work with the NH Migrant Education Program at the state office. However,
our program is so small that I also do direct service work with migrant
children. My certification is in English K-12 so that is one reason I took
this class.



At 11:37 AM 05/24/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>I teach Language Arts 7 and 8 at Beaver Area Middle School-High School.
>This year I have 118 students.
>Do you teach in teams? Our school includes 7 - 12. Our seventh and eighth
>graders are in one hall except for their foreign languages, gym, and
>partials. Are you in a separate building?

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