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In Search of the Novel:Teacher-TalkNovel

Subject: Re: Frustration

From: Cindy O'Donnell-Allen (cindyoa@lamar.colostate.edu)
Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 09:49:38 EDT

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This is a good question and one I unfortunately don't know the answer to. We
need to ask the Annenburg folks how/if the listserve will continue.

- Cindy

"Robin B. Luby" wrote:

> Joyce, Don't feel too bad about being in a place where you haven't seen
> it all. I live in San Diego, and NONE of it has yet been broadcast here.
> The programs are supposedly being picked up by satellite by our county
> Department of Education (and will be fed to my district for recording),
> but we haven't gotten any to date. I am jealous of those who have been
> seeing anything...and enjoying the conversations on this listserv.
> As a general question: since there are two later times to register for
> credit, does that mean there will be a continuing email center for those
> of us who will be finally getting out chance to watch later??
> Robin Luby
> Robin Luby, rbluby@sdcoe.k12.ca.us

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