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From: Marilyn Secor (msecor@luxcasco.k12.wi.us)
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 16:21:25 EDT

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    I I think reading aloud to a class is a wonderful way to capture student attention. I started doing it years ago when I had a very difficult group to handle; they just wouldn't settle down when the bell rang. When I began reading them Killing Mr. Griffin every day for 10 minutes as soon as the bell rang, though, they learned to settle down in a hurry. They didn't want to miss a word. It really improved their listening skills and prompted some good discussions. The year went better from that point on.

    Since then I have either used the first 10 minutes to read to them or have required S.S.R. time, another good technique. In this district students had always had S.S.R. time through 6th grade. After that they were on their own. I found that if I never gave them time to read novels of their choice in class, many students simply never would. I do require book report projects, including book talks, and students do get points for being prepared for S.S.R. and using the alotted time appropriately.

    Our 8th grade Literature classes now also have S.S.R., so throughout our middle school we now have a united front on the importance of reading for pleasure and making reading a lifelong habit.


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