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From: aprillyn@bonduel.k12.wi.us
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 11:12:02 EDT

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    I have started the paper requirement for this "In Search of the Novel" class. I chose the Body Biography idea that Ashby Reid used with her 8th grade classes and Flowers for Algernon. I was really interested in the different ways that you might use this assignment. The best one I came up with was to use it with A Tale of Two Cities. Instead of using the body to show two different sides of the same character, what about using it to compare and contrast two different characters? I thought about dividing the "body" outline into two, and putting Charles Darnay on one side and Sydney Carton on the other, since they play opposites of each other in the novel. I plan on using this as a culminating activity for the novel, as we are working on it right now in British Literature. One comment/question about the actual paper for this class--I have used every book we use in English I and II and British Literature and come up with every conceivable way to improvise this idea for my cl!
    asses, but only have 2 1/2 pages to my paper. The requirement says "3-5 pages". Is anyone else having trouble coming up with 3-5 pages full of uses for one idea, or should I broaden my paper to include several ideas? The question sounded like we should just take one idea and adapt it for our classes.

    Lynn Aprill

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