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From: Cheryl A. Schober (schober@platteville.k12.wi.us)
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 12:04:54 EDT

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    And I thought I was a busy person! I'm quite impressed by all that you
    have going on and your ability to manage it all.

    Thanks for the clarification on the reading requirements. One quick
    question: what if a student doesn't meet the reading requirements for a

    Thanks again!


    martinea@basd.k12.pa.us writes:
    >Dear Cheryl,
    > This Pennsylvania requirement is one for all grades K through 12.
    >you believe that?! The National Standards for Literacy require even more
    >books that are to be read independently.
    > If the students know that they can use their textbooks for this log
    >(usually 5 or 6 books to begin with, that cuts the reading list to about
    >or 2 books per month). It also helps that they know this requirement in
    >advance. We usually give it the first few days of school in September.
    >students also have read anywhere from 2 to 4 books for our summer reading
    >program. This helps them, out as well. Any books read for any class may
    >also be used. Most of our students do major social studies/history
    > I am the English/Language Arts Coach, K-12 for the District. I am not
    >currently teaching, but I have taught every level of every grade from 7
    >through 12. (Also K and 1) I have worked with our teachers to align our
    >English Curriculum K through 12 with standards (local,national and
    >state); I
    >help them to do Web searches and create lesson plans, I observe and confer
    >with the English teachers; I have worked with the English teachers,
    >staff development, to create lessons for each performance standard and
    >benchmark (Grades 7 through 12)(We did this last year at after school
    >meetings every other week.), and I have begun this process with the
    >in K through 6 this year. Next, we hope to create performance assessments
    >and rubrics for each lesson we created with examples of actual student
    > All of this is to be published. I attend local curriculum meetings,
    >administrative meetings, conferences and the like. I am teaching this
    >(In Search of the Novel ) for staff development, presenting at
    >and planning summer programs...I am a busy person...
    > Reading Clubs help to intice the students to read
    >of the teachers have charts in their rooms so that the student's progress
    >visible...if the students know that this is a requirement, they seem to be
    >willing to comply, busy or not...
    > Hope that I have helped you,
    > Andrea Martine
    > Beaver Area High School
    > Beaver, PA

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