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In Search of the Novel:Teacher-TalkNovel


From: Julie Hoffman (hoffmanj@basd.k12.pa.us)
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 17:38:40 EST

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    on 3/30/00 12:26 PM, gcor at gcor@jersey.net wrote:

    > Julie,
    > I think the "I Search" paper is less threatening than a research paper. It
    > actually
    > alows for exploring ideas, thinking about a new topic. If done carefully, the
    > reader can keep track of his or her own thinking. When I teach reading to
    > reluctant
    > and "poor" readers at the college level, I feel that this strategy serves to
    > lure
    > them into "inquiry."
    > I like your idea about using post-it notes added to parts of the text to show
    > details from the novel that relate to their line of thinking.
    > Another writing project that students always enjoy is writing a script for one
    > scene
    > in a novel. when I taught high school English in the 70s, I used to have
    > students
    > write scenes for chapters in "To kill a Mockingbird" and "The Crucible." They
    > always
    > followed with a production. I still have photos of what my students did. I
    > guess
    > making a "production" out of their creative projects adds to the learning
    > activities.
    > I have been reading comments from teachers who are struggling with unmotivated
    > learners. I think the most exciting moments I have had as a teacher occurred
    > with
    > less motivasted readers who begin to recognize symbolic interpretations. WOW!
    > Truly,
    > Gail
    > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Gail, Thanks for the response and the other suggestions. I have just had a
    very successful round with Shakespeare's Julius Caesar with my lower level
    students. I know what you mean about "WOW". I have never seen these kids
    so engaged in what they were reading and hearing. It was a lot of work, but
    very satisfying to me to see all those light bulbs going on all over the

    Julie Hoffman


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