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From: Betsy Scheidemantel (scheidemantelb@basd.k12.pa.us)
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 17:14:56 EST

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    From: "Betsy Scheidemantel" <scheidemantelb@basd.k12.pa.us>
    To: novel-talk@learner.org
    Subject: Hooking them on classics
    Date: Tue, Mar 28, 2000, 10:01 AM


    Andrea wrote about hooking a student on classics...I really feel that
    getting a student hooked on reading, any kind of reading is the real task.
    Once we get a child hooked on reading we can steer them towards the classics
    and usually they are well received. I know that my own children are
    learning to love to read and all I have to do is suggest a book and they
    jump on it. Sometimes forcing the titles turns a student off but suggesting
    books that you truly loved will lead them to the "well".
    Betsy Scheidemantel

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