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From: gamp305@aol.com
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 19:40:50 EST

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    After watching today's broadcast on above title, I feel glad to know that not only my class complains about reading assigned books they have no interest in. I will try to incorporate some of the techniques seen today such as involving the students in the characters, message, or theme of the story before even beginning it in order to tickle their interest.
    Recently, I developed a "Three Book Project" project requiring the reading of three books of student's choice and they gave me no resistance to this so I will try it again. It gives them a chance to read that book they have been wanting to read but did not have time for. Concerning banned books, we just finished "The Glass Menagerie" and I was surprised to see the "N" word used one time. I stopped and gave a little explanation of the historical context of Amanda having grown up on a plantation in the South.

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