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From: Denee Stevenson (stevenson@basd.k12.pa.us)
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 10:06:59 EST

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    Dear Jody,

    I'm not sure what DRP is, that is, if it is "official" terminology or a
    neat idea
    you coined. In any case, for me as a teacher, DRP for an individual work is
    with interest in plot, difficulty (i.e. frustration) in reading, and ability
    to connect
    in a meaningful way with the text/theme/content through prior experience or
    guided by
    students or teacher. It's difficult to predict the DRP for some books;
    others seem
    to capture the abilities and interests of a wide-range of students: thus, a
    very high DRP.
    Perhaps we should be rating books by DRP.
    >From: "Julia Shugert" <shugert@basd.k12.pa.us>
    >To: Multiple recipients of list <Teacher-TalkNovel@learner.org>
    >Subject: Re: Frankenstein--for what ability?
    >Date: Thu, Mar 23, 2000, 2:26 PM

    >How do you determine DRP (Degrees of Reading Power)?

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