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From: Margaret Hagemeister (hagemeis@massed.net)
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 10:11:49 EST

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    I know that someone else mentioned the story by Kurt Vonnegut entitled
    "Harrison Bergeron," but it is a great story that seems to tie in beautifully
    with the questions you are posing. In the story technology is used to make
    everyone "equal," thus insuring that no one has more talent or capability than
    any other person. I think you'll enjoy the story, so read it if you have the

    Betsy Scheidemantel wrote:

    > I am not an English teacher but rather a science teacher taking the class as
    > an elective. I am, however, truly enjoying reading and discussing these
    > novels. I feel that are some themes that we can cross-cirriculm teach, such
    > as the technology question. Have we gone too far and crossed that imaginary
    > line both morally and ethically? When reading Flowers for Algernon my first
    > reaction was 'what a great idea!' but then I got to thinking...if we raise
    > the level of "slower" people to that of genus level, who then becomes the
    > "slower" ones, society's now "normal" population? Do we then raise theirs?
    > This and other questions about technology are being asked in the science
    > classroom and having the literature to refer to is great!
    > Betsy Lehman Scheidemantel

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