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Teacher-TalkInquiry is the email discussion list for Learning Science Through Inquiry. Participants in the workshops, content guides, and Channel staff will participate in this discussion list throughout the broadcast of the workshop series.

Use this space as an area to share information and pose questions about the workshop series, get to know your colleagues, as well as ask questions about technical and access issues.

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From: [email protected]
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 10:41:49 EDT

  • Next message: [email protected]: "Re: [Teacher-talkinquiry] re: assessments"

    I too, am interested in long term assessments. I particularily liked the
    idea of taking notes as a unit progresses. I like this idea for several reasons.
     1. I would be able to refernce my notes to chart overall progress of the
    unit and o note any trends in how the unit plays out (Is it interesting? What
    things are students finding difficult? etc.), 2. I would be able to chart
    specific student's progress over time as well as any misconceptions or specific
    areas of concern I might have about them , 3. Since I have approximately 120
    students at any given point in time, I often forget what has happened from one
    class to another-this seems like an ideal way to prevent myself from doing

      My question for you is this: How can I organize my notes so that I can
    record information efficiently? Any ideas?


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