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Learning Science Through Inquiry

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Teacher-TalkInquiry is the email discussion list for Learning Science Through Inquiry. Participants in the workshops, content guides, and Channel staff will participate in this discussion list throughout the broadcast of the workshop series.

Use this space as an area to share information and pose questions about the workshop series, get to know your colleagues, as well as ask questions about technical and access issues.

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From: Patricia Faiveley ([email protected])
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 22:50:20 EST

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    Jan:  The amount of time spent on a science inquiry will vary according to the depth of the inquiry.  Most of the ones in the videos lasted many weeks, but were done only once or twice a week.  If you have the type of schedule where you can do science every day and iquiry would ot last as long.  I suggest taking the three science units you are required to do and try to plan at leas tone inquiry lesson for each unit.  Pick one of the concepts of the unit that lends itself to inquiry and focus on that one.  If the inquiry lasts as long as the unit, then that seems it would be fine.  As far as outside resources and books for the inquiries, do you have a public library?  See if you can find a library mom or dad, who will go to the public library for you and check out as many books on a topic as you can.  At our livrary you can check out three with the same call number, but the difference of one tenth constitutes a different call number.  If you can get severaparents to do this, you could easily get 50 books in your classroom on the topics of study. Our school library supports inquiry education and we have great selections there.  Students may also have books at home on a topic that they would love to bring in.  Over the years, if your district curriculum stays the same you could work in teams or units as teachers, each buying two or three books for a unit until you accumulate a "science library".  Keep exploring and looking at new ways to do old things.  That is what keeps education current.  Patricia Faiveley, Scottsdale, Az

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