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Learning Science Through Inquiry
About the Workshop
Helpful Hints


About the Workshop

Workshop Structure

Getting Ready (Site Investigation)

In preparation for watching the video, you will engage in 30 minutes of investigation through discussion and activity.

Watch the Workshop Video

Watch the 60-minute workshop video that includes classroom footage interwoven with studio-based panel discussion. Participants in workshop settings can view the video online via Video on Demand or purchase the series on VHS/DVD. Within each program, there will be built-in opportunities to pause the video for a site discussion.

Going Further (Site Investigation)

Wrap up the workshop with an additional 30 minutes of investigation through discussion and activity.

For Next Time

Homework Assignments

The homework assignments are an integral part of this workshop. The activities are easy to implement, encouraging you to reflect on student learning and your own teaching practice. They have been designed to fit into your classroom repertoire, no matter where you are in your science curriculum. Homework assignments may include keeping a journal of learning experiences in your classroom or online research (see also Ongoing Activities).

Reading Assignments

For each workshop, you will be given a reading assignment relating to the topic. Reading assignments may be found in the Appendix of the guide.


The handouts, located in the Appendix of the guide, are tools to support inquiry investigations in the classroom. Most of them are designed for student use; use them in whatever manner is appropriate for your classroom. Be sure to keep a clean copy to use as a blackline master.

Find Out More

After each workshop, you can go online to Find Out More, for a list of monographs, essays, articles, and books that further explore the topics from each workshop.

Ongoing Activities

You may want to carry on these activities throughout the course of the workshop. Come back to this Web site for materials and resources designed to facilitate participants' understanding and implementation of inquiry including information, activities, resources, Web links, and a discussion forum.

Keep a Journal

Participants are encouraged to keep a journal throughout the workshop.

Share Ideas on Teacher-TalkInquiry@learner.org

Participants can subscribe to an email discussion list and communicate with other workshop participants online.

To subscribe to Teacher-TalkInquiry, visit http://www.learner.org/mailman/listinfo/teacher-talkinquiry/.

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