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Learning Science Through Inquiry
About the Workshop
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About the Workshop


The Producers

A major American cultural and educational institution for nearly four decades, and one of the largest public television stations in the U.S., Thirteen/WNET New York is a major supplier of primetime programs aired on PBS, including award-winning cultural, science, and public affairs series and specials. At the heart of Thirteen's commitment to education is the station's Educational Resources Center (ERC). The Center is a leading and innovative provider of programming for a variety of projects, from teacher professional development to instructional television and interactive multimedia. Through the award-winning Educational Productions Department, Thirteen and the ERC have earned a reputation as a prominent developer and producer of high-quality educational programs for children, educators, and the community at large, including children's animation, live television specials, and educational television series. Additionally, Educational Productions develops and distributes instructional videos, live satellite events, and distance-learning courses to the education community.

Content Advisors

Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) in Newton, Massachusetts is one of the world's leading nonprofit research and development organizations. Dedicated to promoting growth through education, EDC creates and administers innovative projects around the world. EDC's Center for Science Education (CSE) encompasses projects focusing on improving and supporting science education reform nationwide. Some of the projects include instructional materials development, technical assistance, professional development, and research and evaluation. All are grounded in fundamental principles about science education, teaching, and learning.

Karen Worth, Senior Scientist

Marian Pasquale, Senior Associate

The National Advisory Committee

Barry Kluger-Bell
The Exploratorium Institute for Inquiry, San Francisco, CA

Joseph D. Exline
Director of Exline Consulting Services

Lisa M. Nyberg
Assistant Professor, Education Department, State University, Fresno, CA

Christine Collier
Principal, The Center for Inquiry, a K-8 Magnet/Option School, Indianapolis Public School District, Indianapolis, IN

Judith Johnson
Associate Professor of Science Education, University of Central Florida
Associate Director, Lockheed Martin/University of Central Florida Academy of Mathematics and Science

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