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Holistic Rubric
6 Literature is analyzed in a coherent and sophisticated manner; introduction leads skillfully to thesis statement; text references and other supporting evidence are apt and demonstrate great insight into the work; superior organization; sophisticated language choices (clear connections and smooth transitions; skillful conclusion); and precise usage and mechanics.

5 Literature analysis is thorough; introduction leads to thesis; apt text references demonstrate understanding of the work; good organization; strong usage (body of essay flows smoothly through connecting ideas and transitions; clear conclusion) and mechanics.

4 Literature analysis is adequate; introduces most of the context and orients reader to thesis; text references show adequate understanding of work; basic organization; inconsistent or imprecise usage (adequate connections and conclusion) and mechanics.

3 Literature analysis is surface; reliance on generalizations or summaries as opposed to text references show limited understanding of the work; few text references; basic organization; inconsistent or imprecise usage and mechanics.

2 Analysis of literature shows minimal understanding of work; incomplete thesis; confusing or illogical structure; few or no text references; essay lacks organization; weak usage (no sentence variety) and mechanics.

1 Analysis is brief and shows no comprehension of the work; no thesis; no text references; limited or unworkable organization; poor usage and mechanics.

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