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[Channel-talkhslit] Question about Session I

From: <hilld@alpenacc.edu>
Date: Fri Oct 01 2004 - 09:11:19 EDT

I just finished viewing Session I, and I it wasn't clear to me in the Part II, when the teacher had students create their own ending to the story, whether or not they had already read the ending. It seems he said he then has them read Welch's ending to the story, but there was no response from the students on it (which I would have liked to have heard). It also appeared as though the students were reading from photocopies, which would be the only way I think you could get a group of readers to NOT read the ending (I still have many student who tell me they read the ending first! That's another whole issue to discuss!) Has anyone tried this exercise without photocopies? My school would go nuts if I were to photocopy a whole book for students.

Denise Hill, English Faculty
Alpena Community College
Alpena, Michigan

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