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[Channel-talkhslit] Inquiry method

From: Smith, Clifford <smithc@mpsd.k12.wi.us>
Date: Tue Sep 21 2004 - 11:15:14 EDT

Inquiry, I believe, is always utilized when starting a read in any genre
and on any subject. A reader uses past experiences and past knowledge to
question his concerns. Reading Baldwin's "The Fire Next Time" spurred
for me such questions as what is meant by "next time? and "what times
came before?". Re-reading Baldwin also spurred me to retrieve his book,
If Beale Street Could Talk and try to formulate questions based on what
I could remember (after 20+ years) of the book. These generated
questions provided a sense of wanting to know more and to pursue those
activities that would help provide answers/insights.

Young readers when embarking on new, unfamiliar subject matter are
frequently reluctant to formulate questions even reluctant to hazard
dialogue about the reading. Teachers then by manipulating the
discussion and incorporating immediate student concerns, student
relationships to the subject and other student connections can initiate
student participation.


Cliff Smith

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