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the expanding canon teaching multicultural literature
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From: Hadley (mhadle@bellsouth.net)
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 10:55:27 EDT

  • Next message: Marian McKenna: "RE: [Channel-talkhslit] Question on appropriate literature for using"Reader Response""

         I just got done watching the James Welch segment of the "Reader
    Response" theory in "The Expanding Canon: Teaching Multicultural
    Literature in High School." I liked what the teacher, Greg Hirst, was
    able to do with his students. They took ownership of both the poem and
    novel that James Welch wrote. The students were able to do that because
    they were Native Americans themselves. As a Spanish teacher, I would
    love to be able to use such a teaching strategy to enable my students to
    feel part of the poetry and novels they read. I have a question that I
    hope someone can answer for me: Does anybody know of literature about
    the Southeast of the U.S. that may bring to light the lives of the
    immigrant population in the region?
          I want to use the strategy as my class project. Right now, I am
    staying at home with my 18 month old daughter, but I also have two older
    children, who are able to read complex literature for their
    ages (14 and 11). They would be my "class." I want them to read
    literature that they can relate to. I believe that that is why
    the "Reader Response" strategy works so well. So, I guess I have to do
    a little bit of some research to find juvenile literature that would
    fit into my children's experiences to truly reap the
    rewards of this strategy. Do you guys think that I am right with this

    Thank you!
    Janine Hadley

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