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The Art of  
A Workshop for High School Teachers
the Arts

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A sign language teacher teaches signs to dancers

Visual Art

A visual art teacher talks with a student about his sculpture


Theatre teacher listens to a group of students planning a scene


Vocal music student singing, accompanied by her teacher

Workshop 6 Fostering Genuine Communication

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Activities and Discussion
(45 minutes)   |  Homework

Thinking Made Public

In the arts, an important mode of communication is dialogue that makes thinking public. Throughout the creative process, students deepen their thinking about artistic choices by talking with teachers, interacting with other students, and reflecting on an audience's response.

Supportive teachers encourage students to:

  • Discuss their approach
  • Explain their rationale
  • Defend their work

When students have to explain and support their ideas, that is, to make their thinking public, they are challenged to re-examine their own reasoning and clarify their own intent.

When and how do you encourage students to artistically express their own ideas, examine different perspectives, and refine and defend their choices?

Print and distribute the worksheet titled Making Thinking Public (PDF). On it:

  1. Identify typical challenges students face at each stage of the artistic process.
  2. Fill in examples of how you might nurture students' artistic communication and “public thinking” in your own discipline.

Use the descriptions provided as sample ideas to start your thinking.

Homework opens in a new window.

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