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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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The Art of  
A Workshop for High School Teachers
the Arts

In This Program


Music teacher coaches a small ensemble


A theatre history student makes a presentation to her class

Visual Art

Visual art teacher questions a student about his work


A dance teacher with two students in motion

Workshop 4 : Choosing Instructional Approaches

Watching the Program Activities and Discussion Support Materials
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Additional Resources

Selected Classroom Materials

Theatre History Evaluation Rubric (PDF)
Rubric used by Joseph Mancuso to assess his students in Theatre History

On the Web


VUE Visual Understanding in Education
Information on the "visual thinking strategies" used by Mary Harding and Tom Kanthak


Arts High School Music Department, Perpich Center for Arts Education
http://www.mcae.k12.mn.us/         Select: Program Areas, then Music
Information on the music department where Janice Hunton teaches

Somerset County Vocational and Technical High School Performing Arts Dept.
Select: performing arts at scvths
Information on the performing arts program where Joseph Mancuso teaches

Mamaroneck High School Art Department
http://mhs.mamkschools.org/groups/art         Select: Departments and Class Web Pages, then Art
Web page for the visual art department where Dale Zheutlin teaches

Arts High School Dance Department, Perpich Center for Arts Education
http://www.mcae.k12.mn.us/         Select: Program Areas, then Dance
Information on the dance department where Mary Harding and Tom Kanthak teach

In Print

Highet, Gilbert. The Art of Teaching, Vintage, reissue edition 1989. ISBN: 0679723145

A noted classicist presents his education methodology within the context of history, exploring the methods of instruction and the character and abilities that make a good professional teacher

Hogan, Kathleen, & Pressley, Michael. Scaffolding Student Learning: Instructional Approaches and Issues. Brookline Books, 1997. ISBN: 1571290362

Explores educational scaffolding, which allows students to perform tasks that would be slightly beyond their ability without assistance and guidance from a teacher

Ottman, Robert. Music for Sight Singing, 5th edition. Pearson Education, Inc., Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. 2001. ISBN: 013070587X

The book used in Janice Hunton's ear-training class



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