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The Art of Teaching the Arts

Focus On Coaching: Music Ensemble

"As a coach, I find myself in a delicate balance of how much to intervene, and how much to step back... It's a really fine, fine balance."
— Janice Hunton, music teacher

For arts teachers, coaching is one of the most important instructional approaches available.

Hallmarks of good coaching include the following:

Watch the teaching segment in the interactive, below. Decide for yourself whether and how the teacher provides appropriate coaching to students.

NOW: Write and Reflect

You've just observed a music teacher coaching a small ensemble rehearsing an original song. Now we'd like you to write about your own classroom practice. Read the following questions and answer one in light of the students and art form you teach.

Questions to write and reflect about:

Be sure to save or print what you have written before you navigate out of this feature.

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