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The Art of  
A Workshop for High School Teachers
the Arts

In This Program


A dance teacher gives feedback to a student


A stagecraft teacher shows equipment to a student

Visual Art

Visual art teacher comments on a student's work


Students with microphones sing in a vocal jazz ensemble

Workshop 2 Developing Students as Artists

Activities and Discussion Additional Resources Support Materials

Watching the Program (60 minutes)

The information sheets below provide helpful background on the schools, arts programs, and individual classes featured in each segment:

Segment 1: Dance (PDF)
Segment 2: Theatre (PDF)
Segment 3: Visual Art (PDF)
Segment 4: Music (PDF)

Consider the following questions as you watch the program. You may stop the video after each segment to discuss the questions with your colleagues.

DANCE Michael O'Banion Senior Choreography Project

THEATRE Peter Lynch Stagecraft and Design

VISUAL ART Dale Zheutlin and Jon Murray Silhouettes/Still Life Paintings

MUSIC William Taylor Beginner Men's Ensemble/Angelaires



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