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The Art of  
A Workshop for High School Teachers
the Arts


Student saxophone and percussion players

Visual Art

Student presenting a painting for critique


Theatre student performing in front of her class


A dance teacher and two students hold a dancer aloft

The Art of Teaching the Arts: A Workshop for High School Teachers is an eight-part professional development workshop for use by high school dance, music, theatre, and visual art teachers.  The workshop examines how principles of good teaching that apply to all subjects are carried out in teaching the arts at the high school level.  The workshop is intended for use by mixed groups of teachers from all four arts disciplines, to help them improve their practice.

The workshop is centered around eight one-hour video programs.  The first program introduces seven principles of effective teaching.  Each principle is explored in depth in a subsequent program.  All programs include classroom segments with teachers of dance, music, theatre, and visual art.  Teachers are shown demonstrating their practice and discussing their goals, methods, and experiences.  These teachers work at arts magnet high schools and comprehensive high schools in cities and towns across the country.

This Web site supports and augments the video programs.  It includes activities for workshop sessions that encourage participants to draw on their own experiences; background on the schools and teachers featured in the video programs; and interactive features that provide perspective on the teaching principles.  A downloadable print guide is available for each workshop session, and for the whole series.



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