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Teaching Geography: Workshop 8

Global Forces / Local Impact

Programs and Activities: Part 2. Oregon and Pennsylvania

Going Further 2 (15 minutes)

Your Classroom, Your Community

Site Leader: Part of this activity involves discussion with partners. Please be sure that everyone has a partner before they engage in the activity, and help people keep track of time.

The teachers in the classroom segments share a common goal, that of giving their students "a distinct stewardship attitude towards their planet, to integrate themselves into problem solving, [so] that they can be part of the solution…"

For ten minutes, make a written plan for how you might adapt this goal and approach to your own classroom and community. Where possible and appropriate, be sure your plan includes provisions for (1) applications of GIS; (2) field study; (3) inquiry learning; and (4) collaboration with community members. In the remaining five minutes, discuss your plan, as well as how you might assess the results, with a partner.

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