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Teaching Geography: Workshop 5

Sub-Saharan Africa

Programs and Activities: Part 1. South Africa

Going Further 1 (15 minutes)

Multiple Media: Getting Beyond the Text

Site Leader: This activity is split into three time periods. Please help participants keep track of the time and facilitate the group discussion.

The classroom lesson we just saw focused on the land-allocation group activity. In an earlier part of this lesson that was not shown, Maureen Spaight had her students listen to part of an audio recording of Alan Paton reading from his book Cry, The Beloved Country in order to help them better understand the history of South Africa. Maureen has also used popular films such as Out of Africa and novels such as Animal Farm to introduce concepts relevant to the study of Africa and colonization.

Take three minutes to list as many specific examples as you can of similar types of media—such as poetry, music, films, novels—that you might use to introduce and/or reinforce a lesson about South Africa. Please be specific, e.g., the 1987 film about Biko, Cry Freedom.

Now, take two minutes to choose one of your examples and briefly explain why it would be an effective classroom tool: how does it connect to the subject and how does it help connect your students to the subject?

For the remaining ten minutes, share and discuss your ideas, keeping this question in mind: How does using multiple media appeal to different styles of learning?

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