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Teaching Geography: Workshop 5

Sub-Saharan Africa

Programs and Activities: Part 1. South Africa

Getting Ready 1 (15 minutes)

Into Africa

Site Leader: This activity requires two maps, one of African colonial possessions in 1930 and the other of South Africa's black homelands in 1986. Please make sure that everyone has a copy of both maps prior to starting the activity. Keep participants to five minutes for the first part of the activity and facilitate discussion for the remaining ten minutes. You may print the maps here.

Working individually, take five minutes to study the maps of colonial Africa in 1930 and of the black homelands of South Africa and briefly write your answers to these questions:

  • What do these maps tell us about Africa's history? What are your impressions? Focus on relations between blacks and whites, how whites came to Africa, and how countries with white minorities and black majorities operate.
  • What are the effects of colonialism on modern African states?

Take ten minutes to share your answers with the group.

Be thinking of the effects of colonialism and how modern Africa must deal with them as you watch the video program.

Colonial Possessions in Africa in 1930


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